Cams Roulette

Cams Roulette is a live streaming adult cam site where users connect randomly with complete strangers by use of a webcam and microphone. It’s an interesting concept that, when launched in 2010, completely took the internet by storm. All you have to do is set up your webcam and you’ll be connected to someone you’ve never met before. Without a doubt, the beauty of this idea lies in its simplicity. It’s easy, fast and incredibly addictive. It’s you, one-on-one with another member who might be from another continent or perhaps even your next-door neighbor. No downloads required. Anything goes.

So why’s it so addictive? For starters, it’s incredibly fun. Cams Roulette is like being invited to a party with interesting and boring people, cute and ugly girls, and many horny guys. When you get bored with someone, click on the Next button and move on to the next guest. There’s something to be said about the mystery hidden behind that next click. Who will it be? What will you have in common? Will it be a hot girl willing to show me her boobs?

Cams Roulette is unlike anything else on the web right now. It combines the social networking aspects of websites like Facebook with the telecommunication capabilities of Skype, while at the same time taking full advantage of the anonymity the Internet has to offer. Despite warnings prohibiting sexually explicit material, you’ll still come across many users willing (and anxious) to show some skin and even more. While strictly speaking this is not an adult cam site, you’ll still find plenty of nudity.

Be warned: your first experience on Cams Roulette could prove to be intimidating. All it takes is one click and you’re face-to-face with a completely random stranger asking you questions such as your age and where you’re from. This is pure social gambling at its finest. What awaits you after clicking on that Next button? There’s only one way to find out…

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