Is there anyone who doesn't appreciate a good porn gif? Short little videos that gets right to the good stuff – no storyline, no buildup, and half the time not even any sound. DaPorn Gifs is my new favorite place to check out these little snippets of smut.

The problem with most porn gif sites is that all the gifs are going at once, which at the best is pretty distracting, and can seriously slow down your internet connection. One small little difference that Da Porn Gifs has done is actually have play buttons on their flicks – making it easier to check out one video at a time. The lack of audio also makes it perfect when I'm trying to watch some porn gifs on the downlow.

Da Porn tends to collect gifs of teen and coed ladies, with the occasional milf and gilf thrown in for good measure. I'm certainly not one to complain about the royal hottness that takes up residence at Da Porn Gifs!



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