Is it just us, or do women have like a gazillion sites where they can go do learn how to pick up guys, have great sex, or not make a total fool of themselves at the next frat party? EyeHandy’s like that – but for guys like us. They’re not just about picking up chicks, either. These fellas have covered everything from how to cool a beer down in five minutes to videos of college co-eds in bikinis giving cleaning tips. (She could clean my tip any time….ahem.) Their articles are easy to read and get right to the point, and their videos are the kind that’ll be making the rounds with all your pals. We suggest you check out the right sidebar for the hottest vids on the site right now. EyeHandy is like Cosmo on testosterone. And while this ain’t exactly a porn site, it’s definitely ‘not safe for work’.

Best Non-Nude Sexy Sites like EyeHandy