NarcosXXX Review

Here is a kickass new adult game! Become Pablo Escobar, the famous drug lord, or Maria Henahoe in this crazy adult sex game that will have you hooked in a matter of seconds. The new site is online since September 2017, and you can watch the show on Netflix and then play the adult game after for a maximum immersion of pleasure! Have fun and fuck all whores of Medellin and becoming the top dog or top whore in the cocaine business! So if you thought you’ve already played all the coolest adult games in the industry, you couldn’t be more wrong. Come give this game a chance and you’ll be addicted in 30 seconds.

Narcos XXX is an extremely unique kind of porn game. Where else can you pretend to be the notorious Pablo Escobar, wipe out your competition, sell drugs, fuck mad hoes and become the number one cocaine dealer in the world? When you’re playing Narcos XXX, it’s all about the interactive experience. Fuck your way to the top of a vast drug empire and become the main man. You’ll have lots of fun playing this exciting new porn video game.

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