How real are the girls on the /r/RealGirls subreddit? So much so that posters are fobidden to leave information like their name and address in the comments. There's no porn stars, professional models or webcam babes in the RealGirls subreddit. It's totally amateur ladies who don't get paid to be beautiful. The majority of the images posted are selfies from the ladies themselves, with a few shared pics from their boyfriends. This isn't a revenge porn type site – the women who show off their stuff at RealGirls are totally cool with you busting a nut over their naked images. Ladies with breast implants are allowed (since real girls actually get these things – not just porn stars) but photoshopping isn't. This means what you see is what the real girl actually looks like. And trust us – we wish a few of these college co-eds were our girl next door!

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