Boobies Review

One of the newest subreddits that has caught our eye is /r/Boobies. It's pretty self-explanatory, actually. These are fit girls with big racks for the guys who prefer their females well endowed. It doesn't matter if the boobs are all natural or made with the help of doctors, these are tits for all occasions. Most of the posts here are images, but we think that as more and more users find this new section there'll be short videos and gifs added as well. (We also hope there's an increase in the selfies, since we've got a thing for that amateur look.) Boobies tend to be in the D-cup range and up, so there's no disappointing titties here. We love the selfie shots If you're a guy that believes that ‘more than a handful is a waste' – this one's not for you! But, if you've got a true appreciation for the hourglass form (that may be slightly top heavy), check out /r/Boobies!

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