GirlsInYogaPants Review

I didn't realize that fapping over girls in yoga pants was a thing until one of my friends shows me the GirlsInYogaPants subreddit. This forum is filled to the brim with selfies from ladies who should come with a warning. Post workout pics, mid-pose snapshots and babes just full out showing off their tights-covered asses fill the pages of /r/GirlsInYogaPants. While it's not exactly porn, there's definitely something sexual about the whole thing so I'd call this NSFW to be on the safe side. Most of the babes here aren't in the adult scene, but they're well known to guys who love the nearly nude style. They do their best to keep it consensual, with most of the voyeur / creeper shots taken down within minutes. There's even a whole section dedicated to Jen Selter – who is probably the best known yoga ass out there!

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