Poutyjas Review


My oh my. Aren't those lips so kissable? I'm talking about Jasmine Grey here or as her Twitter indicates, poutyjas.

Jasmine is a name usually associated with Asians and females of such descent. I actually had to go to her Instagram page to verify that because her Twitter has quite blinded me with images I will want to see.

Why is this pornstar called poutyjas though? just look at her pic and you will have your answer. It's the lip you want kissing you from your lips to your feet.

@poutyjas on Twitter

Forgive me for being kinda rough around the edges in terms of writing about NSFW Twitters. It's something I have yet to get used to but will soon do. It doesn't matter though. I will still tell you how hot Jasmine is!

Jasmine likes using her lips and I personally downloaded one of her vids where she's kissing a girl just to trigger my girlfriend's lesbian fantasies before we have sex. Don't worry Twitter, I ain't reuploading or reproducing this!

I want her to go poutyjas on my cock if I meet her one day. Maybe she has an adult cam? At least I'm already on her OnlyFans page so that cuts some of the efforts.

I love how Jasmine knows how to be entrepreneurial as she has multiple platforms she showcases her work on as indicated on her Linktree.

How good is her Twitter account?

Some of her videos seem to be just a repetition of a past Tweet. I understand this because she's already quite a businesswoman building her brand in adult entertainment.

Mind you, I fapped three straight times to her eating ramen while naked with a friend. We all crave such fantasies like that where we share a house while walking around both nude. That's actually what drew me over any other reason.

I can suggest that she tries to be more engaging and start giving away more trimmed clips to both tease her OnlyFans page and keep her loyal viewers engaged.

Overall? I love poutyjas and wouldn't mind having a pornstar wife.

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