SubmitYourFlicks Review

One of the greatest joys in life is wanking off to a beautifully-produced piece of porn. I mean, it’s got everything – attractive porn stars, nice locations, perfect camera angles, and 4K ultra HD brilliance – what more can you ask for?

Well, at some point you want a break from all that high-polished stuff and just bust a nut to something more… real, you know? You want to see people who look, fuck, and cum like you on screen, and nothing beats homemade amateur porn when that mood strikes.

Submit Your Flicks is a great site to help you scratch that itch. This site is a virtual altar to amateur content. It’s filled with raw sex footage from smartphones, live cams, self-filmed videos, and other types of homemade smut to tickle your fancy. Can’t wait to dig in? Read our Submit Your Flicks review first so you know what lies ahead!


Submit Your Flicks has a pretty straightforward concept— stockpile a fuck-ton of authentic, amateur porn. That’s it, and it works! A lot of the content here are clearly not by professionals. Just horny guys and girls fucking each other and filming it for whatever purpose they originally had. Luckily for us, it ended up on the internet forever.

The primary categories on this site are Amateur, College, Homemade, Phone/Self Shot, Sex Tape, Solo Masturbation, and webcam. The Amateur section alone has nearly 10, 000+ entries, so you won’t run out of stuff quickly.

Homemade porn can get really weird sometimes, because the “stars” don’t give a shit. They just want to fuck and have fun, and capture footage of them doing so. So, expect some fetish stuff here in the midst of all the guy-girl straight fucking such as CFNM Hand job, pulsating cum mouth, teen thong fuck, etc.

Quality-wise, you shouldn’t expect award-winning camerawork here. The quality across the board is good, not super amazing, but that comes naturally with the homemade category. On the flip side, the shaky shots, awkward angles, less-than-stellar lighting, and audio do make the scenes feel so much more authentic. It’s like getting a peek into a private bedroom you shouldn't be in– the ultimate voyeur fantasy, if you will.


There’s not much to say about the interface on Submit Your Flicks. They keep it simple. The home page filters are composed of the Videos, Categories, Meet&Fuck, Porn Games, and Live Sex sections. You can browse the videos from the newest upload top rated, most views, and longest.

A major letdown is the lack of advanced search or tags. It would be nice to just be able to type keywords and get related videos. Instead, hope that it doesn’t take countless clicks before you find what you’re searching for. As more people submit their flicks, hopefully the site designers pay attention to this issue.

On the other, I like the hover feature that shows clips from each video. This way, you get to choose if you want to watch it or try your luck elsewhere. Why risk blue balls when you can move on and find something to your taste? So that’s a pretty nifty functionality.


If you wish to register, know that a profile comes with a few extra features. As a member of the Submit Your Flicks community, you get a few privileges. Feeling like the next James Deen? This is your chance! Members are allowed to upload their own homemade smut. You can also manage your favorites, rate content, and download.

There are a few banner ads on this platform. there are also a few that do have the tendency to stick out especially when you have to click them to skip to the porn video.


Submit Your Flicks is a good place to find some genuine amateur porn. It all looks and feels homemade. Because a lot of it is real, expect some low-quality fucking, acting, and camerawork here and there. But that’s part and parcel of the amateur niche.

In between the duds are real gems of homemade porn – beautiful girls choking on monster cocks, babes getting caught masturbating on live cam, couples fucking through the entire Kama Sutra and filming it all, and so much more.

One thing to watch out for is the lack of advanced search options. You should know that as early as now, so you won’t get frustrated trying to hunt down exactly what you’d like to jerk off to. On the bright side, you may find a new fetish or fantasy as you’re clicking through all the homemade fuck fests here! Bottom line is, Submit Your Flicks is worth checking out for fans of amateur porn and it’s all free!

  • Lots of Amateur, Homemade Porn
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Members Can Upload Their Own Clips
  • A Few Ads to Avoid
  • No Advanced Search

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