JerkmateTV Review

While most NSFW twitter accounts update a few times a day, JerkmateTV posts a new XXX every 60 minutes! There’s a pretty decent selection of niches and styles, from full production porn shoots to the very amateur and home made varieties. For the most part it’s your usual mainstream fucking, with a smattering of Threesome/ Asian / Cosplay here and there. There’s no communication with the owner of the account – just pure and simple pornography. It’s a relatively new account with just 11,900 followers as of when I wrote this, but it’s definitely got the quality to pick up followers pretty damn quick. You’ll want to follow @JerkmateTV (or at least their hashtag #JerkmateTV ) to keep on top of their hourly posts. This is the kind of account that those ‘just porn’ twitter accounts were made for!

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